To carry on the tradition of lacrosse in West Irondequoit.

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Thanks very much for your participation and interest in Irondequoit Youth Lacrosse. Our mission as an organization is to promote the game of Lacrosse and provide a safe and fun opportunity for the youth of Irondequoit.

You and your child’s positive experience is very important to us, so please take a few moments to fill out this survey to help us assess how we are doing and assist us in seeing where there is opportunity for positive change.

PLEASE only fill out 1 survey per child/per team.

Your voice matters! We truly appreciate your feedback.

The success of Irondequoit Youth Lacrosse, Inc. (IYL) is dependent on the large number of people who selflessly volunteer their time. Members of the IYL Board of Directors are expected to commit to attending a board meeting once a month over a term of 2 years, with possibility of re-election to multiple terms of 2 years in length. The duties of the various Board positions are described in the IYL Policies and Procedures.

We seek a mix of men, women, coaches, parents, lacrosse experts and lacrosse novices for the board. Interested candidates should submit a completed application form.

Please note - this is an unpaid, volunteer position and all nominees need to an IYL member in good standing.


Grievances can be submitted by anyone who has witnessed an unacceptable action/event that is in violation of the IYL Mission, Code of Conduct and/or the ROOTS of the Game. We encourage your submission of this form when you witness a violation or if you want to appeal a decision.

This includes the following:

  • IYL Member (parent, guardian, guest), IYL Coach, IYL Player

  • Opposition Coach, Player, Guest

  • Referee

The Grievance Committee will review and respond accordingly to all submitted forms. They will refer to the Code of Conduct for punishments if necessary. Thanks!

If you would like to request that your son/daughter play up a grade, please fill out this form for consideration.

Please note the Irondequoit Youth Lacrosse, Inc. (IYL) follows the US Lacrosse recommendation:

  • US Lacrosse discourages, but does not prohibit, a player eligible to play on a team in a younger age division from “playing up” on an older age division team, within such a twenty-four month age spread.

  • However, in no situation may a player “play down” below his appropriate age level.

  • Understanding family situations and other factors, IYL will consider the risks of “playing up,” including burn out, injury and the social aspects before rendering a decision.


Know someone who you recognize as someone who consistently goes above and beyond for IYL? An individual who embodies the IYL Mission? A person who is a great example and show respect to IYL players? 

Please use this form to tell your story, explain what was done that others can learn from.

We'll be sure to share your feelings with that individual and do our best to learn from this person's example.

Thanks, IYL Board

IYL Check Request Form for Internal Board of Director Use Only. Thanks!