To carry on the tradition of lacrosse in West Irondequoit.

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Chipotle Fundraiser 10/30
by posted 10/14/2018

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Buffalo Bills Discount Ticket Offer
by posted 09/09/2018

Irondequoit Lacrosse Families,

We wanted to share a great opportunity with everyone. The Buffalo Bills and Irondequoit Boys Lacrosse have partnered up to offer up discounted tickets for 3 home games for the 2018 season!

Below are the links to the games. You can find more information and order online...make sure to invite friends and family!!


IHS Coaching Staff and Boosters

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At Home Practice Drills and Skills
by posted 09/01/2018

Here are some thoughts on how the kids can work on their game at home:

  • Wall Ball – Wall ball is a great way for your daughter or son to improve their throwing and catching skills. Have them take his ball and stick, find a solid, outdoor wall, and play catch. Whether your child is a beginner or a superstar, different variations of wall ball are the best way for them to improve their stick skills. Click here for a great wall ball routine.
  • Cradling – Cradling is the act of keeping the ball in the pocket; this is done by moving the wrist and fingers. Cradling keeps the ball in the pocket using centripetal force. Your player can practice this at home or outside with his stick and ball. Make sure to practice with both hands!!
    • Click here for some basic cradling techniques for girls
    • Click here for some basic cradling techniques for boys
  • Scooping – Your daughter or son can practice scooping up balls off the floor at home or off the ground outside. To make scooping more interesting, have them scoop his dirty clothes off their bedroom floor!
    • Click here for an instructional video on scooping for girls
    • Click here for an instructional video on scooping for boys
  • Running – All players will need to build up endurance for the lacrosse season. Running outside or up and down stairs are great ways to stay in shape for the season.


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